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Crooked Lake Improvement Association
Clare County
Lake, Michigan

Who We Are:

The Crooked Lake Improvement Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the quality of our owners lake area living. The organization targets crime reduction, weed and water quality control, lakeside activities, area aesthetics and community improvement. Eligible association members include all lake front property owners, first tier property owners and local businesses.


Our Mission:

  • To promote and assist in the general enjoyment of the total environment of Crooked Lake, the unincorporated Village of Lake and Garfield Township by property owners and citizens of the community.

  • To encourage, spearhead and assist responsible riparian interests in planning and carrying out programs to restore and enhance the enjoyment and quality of life on Crooked Lake, with particular emphasis on water quality and usage.

  • To play a role as necessary and appropriate in developing awareness of the need for all property owners and citizens to fulfill responsibilities for good local government, good community relations, neighborliness and self-help to the degree that this is a good place to live, and property values benefit from a positive community spirit.


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